Welcome to the Global (P)rehabilitation Initiative, an innovative, international collaboration that brings together over 1000 multidisciplinary experts from 6 continents. Our mission is to advance research in (P)rehabilitation related to cancer surgery. As a connection hub for high-quality collaborative research, we build national and international networks of professionals committed to enhancing patient outcomes.

Our inclusive community invites participation from a diverse range of collaborators, including doctors, nurses, allied health professionals, research groups, students, and policymakers who are actively involved in (P)rehabilitation.

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Guiding our efforts are distinguished board members who provide leadership and direction to the Global (P)rehabilitation Initiative:

A/Prof Daniel Steffens

A/Prof Sharon Carey

A/Prof Cherry Koh

Prof Bernhard Riedel

The Global (P)rehabilitation Initiative aims to bring together stakeholders from around the world, with a dedicated focus on advancing (P)rehabilitation research. This collaborative effort is essential in improving the outcomes for surgical cancer patients on a global scale.

Check out our latest publications: https://link.springer.com/article/10.1245/s10434-023-14192-x